Outer curtain wall of a castle

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Outer curtain wall of a castle

Many German castles along the Rhine River were built on the mountainsides of the river valley. The outer curtain wall was high, thick and made of stone or brick. Walls could range from 6 to 10 meters high and 1. In many castles, wall thickness varied according to the area's perceived vulnerability. The Outer Curtain Wall The curtain wall was the vast stone wall which wrapped around the outside of a castle. As you might imagine, its called a curtain because it covered everything within. Castle walls are also called curtain walls. These are the walls that form a wall completely around a castle. Often these walls were built in concentric circles which created multiple lines of defense. Medieval castle walls changed over the centuries. Hall: principal living quarters of a medieval castle or house Hoarding: covered wooden gallery affixed to the top of the outside of a tower or curtain to defend the castle Inner Ward or Inner Bailey: open area in the center of a castle Keep: the inner stronghold of the castle Loophole: slit in wall for light, air, or shooting through Curtain Wall a connecting wall hung between two towers surrounding the bailey. Curtain wall the perimeter wall of a fortification, or any wall within a castle that does not support a roof and is used to link towers i. Cushion capital cut from a block by rounding off the lower corners. Cusp curves meeting in a point. Cusp a projecting point forming a leaf shape in the tracery. Defensive wall within a castle dividing the inner area into two or more defensive areas. Inner Curtain Wall Large inner courtyard contained inside a castle, usually the ward located around the keep. Oct 12, 2011Below the Keep are the uncrenellated (ie flattopped) towers of the Inner Bailey wall, or Inner Curtain Wall. The two higher towers close together below the Keep's righthand tower flank the Palace Gateway, an entrance into the Keepyard. The other entrance is the King's Gateway, or King's Gate, on the northern side. The outer wall of a castle is called a curtain wall. Sometimes a castle has a second curtain wall in the ward, providing a second line of defense in case the outer. How can the answer be improved. Outer Curtain The wall the encloses the outer ward. Outer Ward The area around the outside of and adjacent to the inner curtain. Palisade A sturdy wooden fence usually built to enclose a site until a permanent stone wall can be constructed. Palmette Looped like a palmleaf. Parados Low wall in inner side of main wall. Beaumaris Castle with curtain walls between the lower outer towers and higher inner curtain walls between the higher inner towers. Two sections of curtain wall around BerwickuponTweed. A curtain wall is a defensive wall between two towers ( bastions ) of a castle, fortress, [1 or town.

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