Paint booth curtain walls

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Paint booth curtain walls

Shop curtain walls are perfect for bodyshops, industrial, woodworking, aviation, aerospace and many other applications. All materials meet NFPA 701 for flame retardancy. We have installed shop curtains system all over the country in many different types of industrial plants, factories, body shops, air craft hangars to name a few. Use these curtains for climate control environments, awnings, space separation or dividing curtains for privacy, paint booth curtains or prep station curtains and more. The Paint Booth Curtain Walls are hung on tracks that allow them to slide out of the way when not in use. We offer curtain walls for painting, preparation, washing, acoustics, and more. Industrial Booths Automotive Booths Large Equipment Booths TruckR. Booths OpenFace Booths Heated Air Makeup Furniture Cabinets Curtain Wall Systems Call Us. Paint Curtain Wall Systems AEI Paint Booths. Installing the paint booth curtain tracks is quick and very easy. Once the curtains arrive simply unbox them and follow our simple directions. You will find that the track hardware bolts together in a modular fashion and then the roller hooks are inserted. Paint Booths and Industrial Spray Booths Engineered for the Most Demanding Applications Industrial Spray Booths Automotive Paint Booths Large Equipment Booths TruckR. Paint Booths OpenFace Spray Booths Heated Air Makeup Furniture Cabints Curtain Wall Systems Contact Quote About Us Buy paint booth curtains walls and accessories for your auto body shop at IDEA, including Goff's curtains, sweep attachments and floor mount wind ties. By blocking off specific areas for painting using auto body curtain walls, you'll achieve better finishes and ultimately improve your cycle time. Auto Body Toolmart is here to help you attain that outstanding cycle time by offering spray booth curtains exclusively from Goff's Curtain Walls, the most trusted name in the curtain wall business. Paint Booth curtains and Spray Booth curtains are common in body shops or automotive prep areas to section off areas from the rest of the warehouse and to contain paint fumes and other hazardous chemicals. Curtains are typically manufactured with clear windows, grommets. Top Quality Spray Paint Curtain Materials Construction. AutoGuard spray paint booth curtains are manufactured with our propriety SteelScrim reinforced vinyl laminate in both top and bottom sections, and with our transparent 52 workview PVC Window in the center section. The standard industrial curtain material used for spray paint booth walls are flame rated, laminated, or coated PVC vinyl. Most end users opt for some of the curtain to be clear (vision panels) for safety and supervision of shop activity.

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